Our high-intensity signature cycling workout is a 45-minute cardio party featuring indoor cycling techniques combined with choreographed, rhythmic moves to the beat of exhilarating music. Great for beginners to advance riders. We turn the lights down low and turn up the music to get your heart pumping. Get ready for a complete full-body workout on the bike! Our classes are more than just cardio and incorporate the use of a weighted bar (4lb, 6lb, 9lb) and our signature towel resistance workout! Begin by riding at your own pace but watch as you realize the classes aren’t getting easier, your body is getting stronger!


For riders who want a little extra BOOST- 60 minutes of our signature BoostCycle class!


For the boost warriors that need a little extra challenge- this is a 90 minute ride! This takes BOOST to another level!


Taking place every second Sunday of the month, this style class takes our BOOST60 to another level! Climb, sprint, dance and move as hard as you can during this 60 minute class and follow it with brunch food and mimosas after the class. Enjoy this treat, you’ve earned it!


Not for the faint of heart, HOT BOOST is the sweatiest ride on the schedule. We slow it down slightly and crank up the heat for a 45min class that will let you sweat out your day and clear your mind. With the A/C off and the lights low, be prepared for a hill heavy, beat bumpin’ ride. Spare water bottle required. Extra towels available.

BOOST101 – The Basics

If you’re new to fitness, taking the first step is often difficult and we understand it can be intimidating and overwhelming. BOOST101 is a one on one class that teaches the basics like bike set up, moves, rhythm and positions. You’ll practice and be a pro in no time! Please contact us to schedule this class (usually before or after a scheduled class time). Please remember our BoostCycle classes are for all levels and our friendly and extensively trained staff will guide you through every step.

pedal for a purpose**

BOOSTCYCLE loves giving back to the community! When we ride for a reason the community benefits, all profits will be donated to a given designated charity. Have a cause you’d like us to help you support? Contact us today!


Come ride and support our newest BoostCycle instructors on us! Take this free class as our newest instructors show off their skills and make their debut on the BoostCycle podium!


Our studio is the perfect place to host your next non-profit fundraiser or private party with one-on-one attention from our staff. You can even make suggestions to help customize your own playlist! Come by or give us a call for more information!


*Special event ride- additional fees apply for package holders and unlimited month riders