After living in California and being back in the east coast Val and Tatiana missed one thing, the passion people felt about working out.


Fitness in California is a way of life, it's part of your daily routine, your social life. After a few years of indoor cycling at local gyms in Connecticut Tatiana and Val always felt like something was missing. They wanted something people would feel excited about and not force themselves to go to. They wanted a "party room" so you could get lost in the music and the lights. 

Val and Tatiana are fitness enthusiasts, they strongly believe in the saying "a couple that works together stays together!". Throughout their 12 year relationship working out was part of their daily routine, it was something they did together for Fun. And if they could bring anything back from California with them it would have to be a workout that felt like at party! That's when Boostcycle was born!

Boostcycle is a fun energized place with great music and lighting. The lighting effects is something that has yet to be seen in this area! Right when you walk through the doors you feel a sense of energy! We want to empower you to make a change in your life and strive for success. We want everyone to feel like each ride is a party! We want everyone to look forward to a workout and not dread it! We believe that success starts with yourself and when you feel good everything else is perfection. Are you ready to BOOST YOUR LIFE? 

We offer

  • Top of the line Schwinn AC performance bikes 
  • Top of the line sound system so you can really get lost in the music and feel it deep within your body. You won’t find repetitive cycling classes or boring music at boostcycle!
  • Complimentary towel service.
  • Lockers to secure your belongings 
  • Men’s and Women’s restrooms with showers stocked with skin and hair products, blow dryers and a few other  essentials .
  • Our very own Boostjuices made fresh daily containing enormous nutritional benefits. 
  • Juice cleanses available for pre-order.